Liberator Esse, Black Microfiber

Liberator Esse, Black Microfiber photo 01

Liberator Esse, Black Microfiber

liberator esse black microfiber photo 01 Liberator Esse, Black Microfiber

Fantastic! Just the break from the norm my wife and I were hoping
First, my quick thumbs up to Amazon. I found this product significantly cheaper than what the product store had it listed for. This required flexibility on my end for the ideal color, but for a savings of $200, I can live with that. It was on my doorstep 2 days later with free shipping (I will be a forever Prime customer). Take into consideration the item will show up in a box the size of a kitchen fridge. As has been my experience with Amazon, cheaper, more convenient, faster. Well Done.

My wife and I had laughed, joked, teased about getting the Liberator for about a year now. It seemed like a fun way to " spice things up". Our hesitation were around cost and perceived quality of the item. After seeing a big price drop for a particular color on Amazon, we went ahead and ordered it. Don’t let any branding fool you, this is a sex chair intended to allow the body to optimize angles and comfort. Upon opening, the item is in fact large, true to the sizes indicated, but…
Opened up a world of new options
My wife and I bought one of these from the Liberator store in Atlanta. My wife has bad knees which prevented us from enjoying a lot of positions. With the Esse chaise, I’m able to be underneath her without putting any pressure or stress on her knees. We’ve also found that with a little imagination, there are many different ways to use this to enhance your one-on-one time. Yes, it’s expensive, but well worth it. We plan on getting more Liberator products (we have the Esse chaise and the black label wedge). We also plan on getting the Esse chaise stage to give the chaise a bit more height, once they release it (as we’ve been promised).
Not what it seems
The chair is very hard. The material was very slippery and as previous reviews it is low to the ground. It is uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time.
Product Features

  • Removable Cover is Machine Washable!
  • Special microfiber fabric allows the Esse to work with any other Liberator Shapes
  • Stores easily under most beds or in a closet

Product Descriptions
Description : Seduction begins with Esse. This luxury chaise provides perfection in positioning. The killer curves embody serious style while offering endless opportunities in sexploration. Stretch out, straddle, or just have a seat and let the Esse comfortably support your head, neck and back through almost any sexual position. By day, this sexy piece doubles as a comfy chaise lounge. By night, you’ll be entranced by the pleasures of this exquisite piece of sex furniture. Position guide included.

Amazon Liberator Esse, Black Microfiber

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