SmartGuard 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan ($700-$999 Items)

SmartGuard 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan ($700-$999 Items) photo 1

SmartGuard 5-Year Furniture Protection Plan ($700-$999 Items)

smartguard 5 year furniture protection plan 700 999 items photo 1 SmartGuard 5 Year Furniture Protection Plan ($700 $999 Items)

They paid the claim after jumping through hoops
I bought a bonded leather living room set and 7 months later the bonded leather cracked horribly. I called them and placed a claim. Mind you I always put conditioner, no kids in the house, hardly any people over, and just me and my husband live here. I actually got my previous set in the as-is section and they lasted well over 5 years just to give you an idea of how careful I am with my furniture (I replaced them because I wanted new ones, not because they were damaged and needed to be replaced). They replied backing saying they were not covering the claim because cracks in leather or vinyl were not covered. After going through hoops, quite aggravated since the set was only 7 months old and it looked like 10 yrs, I convinced them to send a rep over. The rep “totaled” them out but he said it would still be up to the warranty whether to repair or replace, or do nothing since it was in an exclusion. Well surprisingly enough, a rep called me about a month later and she told me that since…
Warranty for peace of mind….
Just bought this to ensure that I was covered in case my new sectional had an issue. Have not used it yet but gives me peace of mund that if anything happpens within the next 5 years, my furniture will be repaired or exchanged for free.

Product Features

  • Protects your furniture for up to 5 years from the purchase date
  • Covers furniture priced $700-999
  • Simple online registration & claims handling, 24/7 customer services
  • Covers common accidents such as stains, punctures, burns and breakage
  • No hassle. We handle the details. You sit back and enjoy your furniture.

Product Descriptions

Amazon SmartGuard 5 Year Furniture Protection Plan ($700 $999 Items)

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